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Perfectly humidified
air is within your control
Aprilaire whole-home dehumidifiers are convenient, efficient and reliable. Aprilaire whole-home dehumidifiers automatically extract just the right amount of moisture from the air to continually maintain optimal indoor relative humidity. Once installed, you never have to worry about the problems that result from excess humidity again.
If you need to adjust the humidity levels in your home, Aprilaire makes management simple and convenient with living space controls and Wi-Fi thermostats.

Digital control
The Aprilaire digital dehumidifier control displays the current level of humidity in your home and indicates when the unit is running. You can simply adjust the settings to change the humidity level.

Wi-Fi control of indoor air quality
Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostats with IAQ Control provide the most convenient and accurate control of excess humidity and temperature. The Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat App also allows you to control other installed Aprilaire IAQ products for optimal fresh air ventilation and air purity and keeps you up-to-date about changing climate conditions in your home.

Airplane - delivering improved comfort to your home and family
Aprilaire is the industry leader in humidity control. In 1954, we introduced the first effective whole- home residential humidification system.
Since then, we've continually improved and expanded to meet the growing demand for indoor air quality solutions, including whole- home, high-capacity dehumidifiers. Today, our revolutionary technology continues to set the standard for indoor air quality solutions.

The leaders in healthy home solutions since 1954. 

Performance and peace of mind

Aprilaire dehumidifiers are professionally installed and maintained by your local heating and cooling contractor. No matter what model you choose, you can rest assured our dehumidifiers are made to last. Each one is designed and built in the USA and comes with a five-year warranty.